"Hi, I am a Vegas local and I am a Holistic Health Coach. I was in LVNC about 5 days ago, and Tom recommended your Matrix Meal to me. I have to commend you on an amazingly, healthy, clean and wonderful product! I am more than a fan! I will definitely be recommending this product to all of my clients and my many Vegan friends. I have been starting each day with your protein, whether in a shake or mixed with my oatmeal, and I have more energy, my blood sugars are staying regulated and my body is responding unbelievably well to the product! "

I want to thank you for making this wonderful product!

Sincerely, Charlotte Snow

"Spencer....Thanks so much for the Matrix Meal and the whole line of NuLife Herbs Products.. We take it with us everywhere. The Matrix Meal is so easy to pack & then just mix up & drink. We know we are getting superior nutrition & we really like the energy we feel. This meal replacement tastes really good, not like some of the other meal replacements we have bought over the years. Even our grandkids love the taste & want it sprinkled on their cereals. We eat it raw & also mix it in liquids. We also cook with it. We add a scoop to our morning breakfast sprouted buckwheat for an extra "punch" of nutrition. It is a great tasting and powerfully nutritious supplement to any good diet."

Sue & Barry Wilcox
Abundant Health Co, Montana


"I take the Matrix Meal Plant Protein. It is the BEST Product I have ever taken. I'm on the Wheat Grass Formula 7, Maximum Metabolizer and Colon Liver & Parasite Cleanse. My wife likes the products too! "

Jared Springer
St. George, Utah


"I like your Matrix Meal Plant Protein. I take both the Coconut and the Cacao. As for results well, I've been a slender vegetarian with a plant based diet for 40+ years, so I consider Matrix Meal health insurance. Plus it's yummy and a great CLEAN Protein source. "

Santa Fe, NM.


"I am 57 years old, and Love the Product Matrix Meal Cacao, with my work-outs! "

Pam Helmick
Scottsdale, AZ.


"I have been taking Matrix 4-Pack (Matrix Meal – love that coconut, Wheatgrass, Maximum Metabolizer and Colonic & Liver Cleanse) for a year now. I take it first thing in the morning when I wake up and again between lunch and dinner. I even eat the Matrix Meal, a teaspoon at a time, on occasion, right out of the container. It really is great stuff. I'm on the go a lot at work and I have found I can keep a steady energy level throughout my busy day and not get so hungry all the time. Keeping my weight down is no big deal now. I would have to say the 4 – Pack is a major contributor to the nutritional balance I feel I have been experiencing since taking these NuLife products. Thanks so much Spencer! "

Jim Needham
California Expanded Metal Products Co. (CEMCO)



"I would like to thank you again for your Matrix Meal. We have done smoothies in a variety of ways and have used it for a quick meal when needed. But what we have found mostly is that our weight has been easily maintained or have had lost a few pounds. We have always ate properly but we have found that your product has a nice balance to our daily routine. My wife has even mentioned that it seems her hair and nails have seemed to improve, she likes the creation of the different varieties I make."

Paul Ertman, Phoenix, AZ

"I heard Spencer, with Lance on the radio. I tried the Matrix Meal Coconut and I love the way it makes me feel! It taste so Good!"

Jane Peterson, Phoenix, AZ.

Wow, I want to thank you from the top of my muscles for formulating such a wonderful protein drink! It's not bland, not too sweet but just right. The combination of the cinnamon, dates, xylitol and coconut milk are perfect. I've been drinking protein drinks for 27 years now and your taste wins hands down. Not to mention all the organic spouted grain nutrients, cell salts, and it being vegan, I couldn't ask for a better more complete drink for me! You are the best and I appreciate you and your products.


"I had a lumpectomy about 8 years ago. It was benign. I have had several knots in my breasts. I was told to discontinue caffeine. This helped but not completely. I started taking BLC Formula (Breast & Liver Cleanze Formula) earlier this year. I could really tell a difference in about 45 days. The consistency seemed to have changed from heavy feeling to a pliable softer texture."

Donna Carter
Prescott, Arkansas


"Dear Spencer, A special thank you from me to tell you how very much I appreciate you. I want to thank you for guiding me to go on a healthier and better nutritional program. Along with some of your supplements I got my epilepsy seisures to lessen to a diminished status and my general health improved immensely. You led me to a complete improvement of my health problems. You truly are an instrument of God. Much luck."

Bonnie B.
Salt Lake City, Utah


"I feel most fortunate to have found Stress Eliminator at my local Health Food store as it has been an effective way for me to avoid depression with no side-effects. Stress Eliminator has been a wonderful help with feelings of stress and anxiety. It is the best formula of any I've used. I am most grateful."

Aileen M Brewer
Paradise, California


"I have been using Stress Eliminator for 6 weeks now. I want to tell you, I have used any and every product available for PMS. I have tried dieting changes, drugs, magnetic and have been to every type of doctor. I have experienced the debilitation of PMS for 20 years, with just trying to bite the bullet every month for 10 days. I now have great hope for consistent normalcy in every day of every month! I love life and feel that life is a huge gift. I want every day to be a day of peace and fulfillment. I now feel I have found a missing link in my particular situation.

I take Stess Eliminator 2 times a day, and I feel calmness within 20 minutes of taking this herbal combination. I eat whole grains daily for the whole foods in my life and take Stress Eliminator for the herbal balance in my life."

Rosemarie Smith
Provo, Utah


"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are wtih your products. We have been taking Wheat Grass since September 1993. My mother-in-law started us on it; she went to a lecture Andy Baine was giving. He told them about Wheat Grass, how wonderful it is. I was six months pregnant at the time. We have a very healthy and happy baby now. I have breast fed her with no problems all this time. She is fourteen months old now. We now give her Wheat Grass, half a capsule a day in her cereal.

About your Immune Builder Formula: My husband takes four capsules of Wheat Grass and two capsules of Immune Builder Formula, three times a day. We have not had a cold in two years. I am pregnant again. I have not had morning sickness, and do not have any cravings. We physically feel much healthier and have more energy. Most of our family takes Wheat Grass now and we tell our friends about it."

Toni Schrader
Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania



"I used your product Maximum Metabolizer and love this stuff! I lost 15 lbs. in 2 months. Thanks!"

David Child
Salt Lake City, Utah


"Spencer, Thanks NuLife! I love your products!"

Brenda Ethington
Mesa, Arizona

"Dear Spencer, I would like to thank you for your Matrix Meal. It has been a great meal or snack for us. The well balanced formula is what I was looking for. I have also since have my wife also enjoying Matrix Meal (loves it). We have used it in a variety of ways, just as a simple drink or recently we have really enjoyed the creative smoothies that we have had lately. Keep up the good work. I'm ready for my next order.

Sincerely, Paul


"Since I started on the Matrix Meal Weight Management Program with the protein shake I have been able to keep my weight down and have all the full benefits of whole food herbs and not artificial or pharmaceutical grade. It has improved my skin, my hair, clarity of mind and energy level, along with it I am taking the Wheat Grass Formula 7 and Maximum Metabolizer. All together being on the Ultimate Weight Management Program, before I was 126 lbs. and had 28% body fat. Now I am 115 lbs. and 18% body fat and I feel fantastic!"

Paula Power
Mesa, Arizona

"I lost two and a half inches off my waist in only a week on the Matrix Meal, the Wheatgrass Formula 7, Maximum Metabolizer and the Colonic & Liver Cleanze. I feel great, I don't crave as much food when I am on the products. My friend lost 8 to 10 lbs. on it!"

Cami Ellis
Pocatello, Idaho

"I just started the NuLife Matrix weight loss program two days ago. In the first 2 days I have already lost 6 lbs. I have noticed much more elimination due to the Colon & Liver Cleanze. I am not as hungry and easily drink the shakes and take the supplements."

Janet Woodward
West Jordan, Utah

"I like your Matrix Meal Superfood Protein over the other brands that have sugar and animal protein."

Tony Muso
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I want you to know that I lost 4 lbs. in a couple of days taking the Matrix Meal Weight Loss Program and feel great with more energy. My 15-year old son had immediate allergy relief with Wheat Grass Formula 7 and MSM/Glucosamine with Cell Salts the very first day! Add to that sound sleep with the product Dream On, he's just like new! Thanks!"

Kim Dapper
Draper, Utah

"I have been taking your Women's Formula Love Passion #9 and want you to know that it worked a miracle for me. Let me tell you what it did for my health! I had a small cyst on my ovaries and after a few weeks it was gone, I felt great and now I recommend it to my customers here at Vitamin Cottage, a natural health food store."

Aurora, CO

"I use you Men's Formula and I like it. It gave me the boost that I needed."

Phoenix, AZ

"I am 42 years old, and after two days of taking Herbal Niagra I felt so good, had more energy and stamina. It improved my workouts, I had more strength and endurance!!"

Salt Lake City, UT

"I am 69 years old and I am a Plastic Surgeon by profession. I had purchased a bottle of your Herbal Niagra at a local health food store and started using it, I noticed after a couple of weeks I started to feel the affects of it when I had sex and it worked great! Before, I used Viagra but had side effects of headaches and discomfort. I don't like to take drugs if there is a natural alternative. Thank you for coming out with this wonderful product."

Robert L. Youngblood, M.D.
Salt Lake City, UT

"I purchased the Herbal Niagra for men for my husband, who is 64 years old. Our sex life has been limited to only about once a month. Since he has started the Herbal Niagra, a few days later we now have great sex 3 times a week. Thanks Nulife!"