The Secret to Energy
Master Herbalist Spencer Masterson, M.H.

Let's Talk About ENERGY & How It Works!

As I talk to people about their health and what they are looking for to better their health, I am aware that most of them have some kind of health condition, from being overweight, to arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, heart disease, acid reflux, sleep apnea, cancer, allergies, asthma, skin and acne problems, hyper or hypo-thyroid, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidneystones and gallstones. The list goes on and on. I want to get down to the root of the cause of these health conditions. First, ask yourself, "What is causing this state that I am in?" There is a CAUSE for everything in life. That is the way Mother Nature is! Ask yourself, "What kind of program am I on?" Everyone is on someone's program. I learned from my own training and education, that Cleanse & Nourish is the key to your better health!

I would like to briefly talk about what you are eating everyday, and drinking everyday for liquid. Are you drinking plenty of pure clean water?

Live Foods have Energy! They have electrical currents that keep us going to keeping us alive and in balance, keeping our cells active and regenerating. I have listed some Powerful Principles to follow. Let's take a good look at them!

Light & Energy, Spencer Masterson, M.H.

  • Our body is an electrical system.
  • Our body is an electrical magnetic frequency that puts off an electrical charge, that converts into energy, that is measured in megahertz!
  • Megahertz is an electrical charge that creates energy!
  • Our body needs 60-70 megahertz of energy!
  • Our brain, heart, liver, colon, kidneys and lungs need to have 60-70 megahertz of energy to function at peak performance.
  • Chlorophyll, the green blood of the plant, captures the sun and converts it to energy!
  • Chlorophyll is identical to human blood.
  • Chlorophyll rebuilds the cells and rejuvenates.
  • Chlorophyll is the juice of greens. We need to be re-juiced with greens!
  • Wheat Grass Greens have 70-90 megahertz of energy!
  • An acid diet consists of animal products, sugar and processed foods.
  • Acid strips the energy charge! The cells start to rip/mutate.
  • Chocolate has 1-3 megahertz of energy,
  • A Big Mac hamburger has 5 megahertz of energy.
  • Sugar turns into acid. It's the acid that destroys cells.
  • Sugar feeds candida.
  • When your glands and organs are too acid, they stop working!
  • Acid goes to the weakest gland. For example, if you have a thyroid condition, you're too acidic.
  • Start alkalining and the thyroid will start to improve!
  • If you are over-weight, you are too acidic. It's hard to lose weight!
  • Alkaline your system. You will start to lose weight!
  • Acid pollutes the blood stream!
  • Your blood is the river of life! It carries the nutrients to the cells.
  • Acid clumps the cells together and then they die! They start to mutate and cause more acid in the body!
  • Acid weakens the electrical charge. Breaks down the energy!
  • Acid eats calcium from the body. Bone density becomes weaker. Osteoporosis sets in.
  • Acid uses your reserves of alkaline.
  • Acidic foods bring on cholesterol.
  • 80% of alkaline foods - 20% acidic foods to balance.
  • Green foods, like wheat grass, is an alkaline food! Brings on life!
  • Cleanse & Nourish your body and it will heal!
  • Test your pH level with pH strips.