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The 5 Pack Addiction Program
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The 5 Pack Addiction Program

For Addictions to Chemical Substances

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ADDICTION WELLNESS PROGRAM...This is a program to assist those that have addictions to chemical substances such as drugs, medications, anti-depressants, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar cravings, processed foods, meats, dairy, or over-Eating.

Food Addictions If you can't stop eating sugar or potato chips, you're not suffering from a character defect, you're normal. Scientific research actually shows that certain foods affect the brain like drugs do. Learn the science behind how foods become addictive and also how you can beat your own food addictions.

To solve these conditions here are the steps I recommend to "Bring The Body Into Balance." ALKALIZE, CLEANSE & ENERGIZE PROGRAM

When you Alkalize the pH and Cleanse the system of toxic waste in the body, you bring your system into BALANCE…Then the BODY starts to heal itself…And then the addictions go away.

This program contains 5 products with whole plant food herbs, organic whole plant greens.

An Unbalanced pH level can cause Weight problems. You need more Alkaline in your Diet!

Organic Hemp Protein Greens are made with whole food herbs that fuels the body's need of nutrients and aids your Metabolism, increases your energy level to melt fat and inches
  • Hemp Protein is made with Organic Brown Rice Protein, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Hemp Protein, Maca, Organic Wheatgrass Juice Powder, and whole food herbs.
  • Wheat Grass Formula 7 is nature's Super Green Food and Anti-Oxidant.
  • Maximum Metabolizer boosts your Metabolism and gives it a charge like a battery charger. The herb Gymnema from India stops sugar cravings, Destroys sugar in the body!
  • Colonic & Liver Cleanse formula will cleanse & strengthen the liver of toxins and eliminate them. Obesity is caused by a toxic Liver and plugged up Colon!
  • Stress Eliminator Halfway through your day, do you feel exhausted or too tired to go on? Stress uses up a lot of the body's nutrients which in turn causes fatigue. What you may be feeling is not just exhaustion, it may also be too much stress. Stress Eliminator Formula 8 is a synergistic blend of eight powerful herbs which work together to fulfill the needs of today's stressful life-style.
The key is to become more Alkaline and less Acid. Eat more Plant Foods and less Processed Foods. Drink plenty of water everyday! I recommend Alkaline water or Distilled water, it is the purest water. It's free of hard minerals, bacteria, and chlorine.

Along with these products start an "Exercise Program". This will enhance your Weight Management Program. I also recommend that you stay off all dairy products.

For more education on Plant Foods go visit: www.processedpeople.com

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